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frequently asked questions about how film house works

Here are some common questions of the Film House Experience at Chasing Rabbits

How does a Chasing Rabbits movie screening work?

Chasing Rabbits will have daily dedicated movie screenings in one of our two cinema spaces. These movies are ticketed events and the space will be dedicated to the movie experience during the showing.

In addition, daily movies will be shown in the Rabbit Hole during regular bar
operating hours. These movies are accessible via headphones that are available for rent.
These movies are not ticketed, and the space is accessible for everyone during
the movie.

Where do I buy film tickets?

Tickets are available via our website or on our Eventbrite page.

Do I need to show ticket confirmation?

Yes, ticket confirmation is required for the daily dedicated movie screenings. Please have a printed or digital version available.

Where do I watch the movie?

Movies will be shown in either the Rabbit Hole or in the Moon Rabbit. The location will be printed on your ticket and on the website.

Is food and beverage available for purchase during the movie experience?

Yes, food and drinks will be offered before, during, and after the movie experience.

Can I have a private screening / movie event?

Yes, movie showings are available for private events. You can submit an event request on our website, or email us at

Are there public shows?

Yes, Chasing Rabbits will have movies playing almost everyday. Checkout our events calendar for the full programming schedule.

Are there special movie events?

Yes, please be on the lookout for special and recurring movie events. The latest movie schedule will always be published on our events calendar.

Are there age restrictions?

Age restrictions depend on the movie being shown. Our programs range from child friendly films to mature adult content.

Where do I purchase and/or pick up headphones?

Headphones will be available at the host stand when you check into the space.